For the treatment of dewatered sludge there are two alternative.

a) The sludge is subjected to ADNEX technology.

After having reduced or eliminated the nitrogen content, the dehydrated sludge, which represents a valuable contribution to plant nutrition and as soil amendment, can be directly used in agriculture, or treated by carbon dioxide or sulfuric acid, to produce respectively “calcium carbonate of defecation” or “gypsum of defecation” (BIOSOLFATO), soil corrector that is not subject to nitrates directives.

The extract of ammonia nitrogen can be burned inside the genset to allow an energy recovery, or used for the production of the liquid fertilizer, ammonium sulfate.

b)  The first step is to subject the sludge to MWO technology.

This is able to extract heavy metals and eliminate or reduce the polluting organic substances, reducing the dry matter by 50% and transforming the material into a safe compound which is sanitized and odorless.

Only after is it possible to switch to ADNEX technology

Technologies involved:

–        ADNEX

–        MWO



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