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Syngen is highly motivated to promote applied research focused on the enhancement of both the agronomic as well as the energy characteristics of biomass.

Syngen has established an active collaboration with the Faculty of Agriculture of theCatholicUniversityand theUniversityofBologna, with the aim of carrying out of investigations and experiments regarding the use of BIOSOLFATO, produced with both civilian and agro-industrial sludge.

The research activity primarily involves field trials aimed at understanding the advantages of using BIOSOLFATO both as a corrector of acidity and salinity of the soil as well as contributions of organic matter and nutrients.


The product Is then tested both on small particles as well as in the open field, comparing the results with samples treated with conventional products.

For the perfect diffusion of the material on the particles to be tested, Syngen makes use of relatively small sized agricultural equipment which has been specially modified for experimental purposes.

An example is the partnership with the Permanent Observatory on the Use of Biomass in Agriculture (BIOMASS) as a dedicated role within the Faculty of Agriculture of the Catholic University.

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