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BRIGIT – Brayton Reciprocating Isobaric Genset ITaly

BRIGIT – Brayton Reciprocating Isobaric Genset ITaly – Energy production from biomass dry

The objective of the project is the industrialization of a range of small sized generating sets with external combustion engines with air as the working fluid and that use biomass or heat recovery as a fuel.

The operation of Brigit is described by the open Brayton thermodynamic cycle, the same as the gas or aeronautical turbines. Differently from common internal combustion engines that use liquid or gas fuels, dosed and detonated inside the motors themselves, those with external combustion are a type of engines in which the fuel is used to heat a working fluid, through which it is possible to carry out the conversion of thermal energy into mechanical work.

The trial started in 2007 and the pilot plant can be seen at our office.

The objective is to design and build devices suitable to the needs of green electrical power generation of average to small sized farms, able to provide power up to 100 electric kWh using the logic of producing a widespread production of energy from agricultural residual biomass.

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