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Syngen intends to take action to restore dignity and an economic future to Agriculture by means of the production of energy and the respect for the environment.

For many years the agricultural system has been brought to its knees by speculation, to reach a economic level of subsistence.

Today, the agricultural specialization proves to be absolutely indifferent.

The diversification of crops in all the cases, has leveled income, while the cost of equipment and fertilizers has soared to unrealistic values.

The price of products is not fixed by agricultural associations, but responds to the logic of the international market, which are totally indifferent to the characteristics of the various European countries.

Today the farmer is completely powerless in this economic status, whatever product  cultivated never produces a decent income, when compared to the necessary efforts and investments, because the the crop can only be sold only to the same people and associations that have actually determined the price.

Organic and precision farming of typical products, brands dop, etc.., do not help, despite the great efforts of the associations. They are relegated to simple palliative of an economic situation determined by lobbies that do not belong to the world of agriculture.

In this situation Syngen intends to work to create a real alternative.

Small and medium-sized farms which today are the most penalized (also from the energy market), can be transform its waste into an actual income by the diffusion of this technology.

Alternatively they can choose to produce energy crops such as, Miscanthus or giant reed (Arundo donax), to power the systems provided by Syngen.

In this case, the downward spiral will be broken of being forced to sell the fruits of their labor to a market that, being able to determine the price actually makes it banal and not profitable.

It’s useless to grow corn, wheat, tomatoes, etc.., which involves an enormous waste of energy, fertilizers and  resources, if the price of market clearly shows that they are no longer required.

Syngen intends to work to break this cycle by  creating a new opportunity for agriculture through the widespread production of green electricity.

The product of farms, will not only “agricultural”, but it will also include electricity which is an asset with a very broad market and certainty of profitability established by law, not only by the Italian state, but all states of the Community.
There will finally be a clear answer to the question that companies ask: “What shall we  grow this year? We will cultivate energy. “

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