Who we are



Syngen is part of a group of companies operating in the environmental sector and the recovery of sewage sludge through a process of transformation into fertilizers.

The group can be described as follows:


AGROSISTEMI s.r.l. Founded 2000

By means of an exclusive patent it transforms sludge that comes from civilian treatment plants into a corrective fertilizer for agricultural land called BIO-SOLFATO.

It has three mobile systems that have been in business since 2006, authorized under D.Lgs.152/06.
The main customer is HERA Group s.p.a. The service has been provided since 2008 for all purifiers ofRomagna.

The amount of sludge processed annually is now equal to about 80,000 tons.


SERECO s.c.a r.l. Founded 1986

It is the owner of a storage of sewage sludge located inPiacenza.

The sludge collected is analyzed and placed in storage waiting to be turned into fertilizer through the activity and the mobile system of AGROSISTEMI.

Sereco is also responsible for carrying out the administrative aspects imposed by environmental standards for all companies in the group.


SIRM s.r.l. Founded 2003

It withdraws, sells, puts on the market the totality of the material fertilizer produced by the group companies.

It deals with the transportation of the product to farms and farm advisory for its proper use.




It’s a research center at the dell’Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore.

Founded nPiacenzain 2010, as a framework for research and experimentation related to the Faculty of Agriculture.

The main purpose of the center is to promote and carry out both basic and applied scientific activities regarding the use of biomass in agriculture.

Through an agreement with Syngen a collaboration has been defined in the field of scientific and technological research in areas of mutual interest to both parties, with particular attention being paid to the innovative aspects for the environment, energy recovery from waste and sustainable development.

In this way the activities of Syngen are assisted, monitored and stimulated by the “mission” through a rigorous experimental setting.

As part of the collaboration particular interest is attributed to the following activities:

  • Energy recovery from waste with the production of new concepts fertilizers;
  • Development of new technologies to reduce the content of potentially toxic elements contained in urban sewage sludge;
  • Design and construction of plants for extraction of nitrogen digestates from biogas plants;
  • Research and development of new innovative systems, suitable for small communities, with the application of dry fermentation technology for the production of 50-100 kWh of electrical energy from biogas;
  • Design and construction of new engines with external power from lignin-cellulosic biomass;
  • Design and manufacture of polymers and plastics of new conception, from the pyrolysis process conducted on products of vegetable origin;
  • Studies for realization of “green” asphalts with the materials coming from the process of pyrolysis of waste and  vegetable by-products.


The Italian-German Bio4Gas Express GmbH (Monaco of Bavaria) joint venture designs and installs biogas plants and mini turnkey biogas plants that are customized with the innovative patented BERT technology (Bio4Gas Express Reactor Technology).

BIO4GAS BERT allows the installation of a minimum of 20kW,  30kW, 40kW, 50kW, 75kW, 100kW to 500kW over.

The innovative technology BERT, thanks to its winning philosophy: 1 company = 1 plant,  works with manure, swine waste and poultry waste. Furthermore it is also possible to add organic biomass waste (such as grass cuttings, prunings, waste from processing wine, dairy, etc.).

The collaboration between Syngen and Bio4Gas Italy is particularly active in the diffusion of the technology for the extraction of nitrogen from liquid digestates, at the end of the methanogenic fermentation process.

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