Who we are


Who we are

Syngen is a company based inPiacenza, in northernItaly, which operates in the renewable energy and the recovery of biomass sector.

It identifies, researches, experiments and applies alternatives for the disposal of biomass, through chemical treatment processes, aimed at the recovery of materials and energy.

Syngen is part of a group of companies operating in the environmental sector and in particular works in the recovery of sewage sludge produced by public companies, who have the task of operating the integrated water service or multi-utility.

In past years, the need to identify alternative solutions of the use of sludge in agriculture has led us to investigate technologies for their energy conversion and for their improvement as promoters of fertility. These needs have led to the establishment of Syngen, which operates in the research and experimentation field with the aim to acquire the know-how that is now successfully used in commercial solutions.

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