Biocase is a technology for the production of electrical and thermal energy through the dry anaerobic digestion. It allows to obtain biogas starting from organic matrices such as:

  • animal waste (manure, pollen)
  • sewage sludge
  • agricultural processing residues (husks, stillage, stalks, lees, etc.)
  • food waste originating from both domestic and agro-industrial
  • OFMSW  (Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste)
  • vegetable waste (pruning, grass cutting …)

The system is designed to minimize the cost of investment management and administrative burdens, while ensuring ease of operation and compliance with all environmental standards in the industry.

The ease of installation, modularity, and the possibility of placing them almost everywhere are the strengths of this technology.

The treatment of materials with high S.S. high opens enormous possibilities in the spreading and dissemination of simple devices that move away from typical use, represented for the moment by farmers who use almost exclusively the digestion of liquid matrices.

The system of dry fermentation overlooks a practically virgin market in so far as most of the farms have by-products of low value, with high percentages of dry matter, not suitable for the wet fermentation.

Furthermore the system is suitable to transform the FORSU or the sewage sludge without requiring onerous pretreatments.

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